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Dojo's Teachers

Teaching is an art but above all a method, and whoever starts practicing a traditional discipline such as Kend ô expects the Master - or Sensei in Japanese - to be authoritative and prepared.

Livio Lancini

Livio Lancini - Kioshi 7° Dan

Livio Lancini is an institution not only in the national but and above all international scenario of kendo. In 2007 it reaches the level of 7th Dan.

In 2016 the CIK awarded him the Kyoshi (Master) diploma.

He was a member of the Italian National Kendo team and later Coach of the same leading it to conquer the 3rd place at the Kendo World Championships in Glasgow in 2003. A historic result as it was the first time ever that a European National team achieved the podium of a world championship.

Thanks to his recognized skills in teaching he was Head of the CIK for the development of Kendo in Italy for several years and is one of the most requested Italian Masters abroad where he directed and directs technical seminars in numerous countries.

In 2020 he was appointed Coach of the Italian National Team.

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Yunsook Ma

Yunsook Ma - Renshi 7° Dan

Yunsook Ma started kendo in Italy in 1993. During her career she was also a member of the Italian Kendo team.

There are numerous medals won both nationally and internationally, individually and in teams.

Particularly close to the spread of kendo for young people and women, she was the creator of the CIK Youth Project as well as founder of the EKF International Women's Seminar.

She was responsible for the development of the CIK women's Kendô.

In 2017 the CIK awarded her the Renshi diploma (aspiring teacher / trainer).

Thanks to her precision, perseverance and discipline she is responsible for the training of the students of the advanced course of Kendô SEICHUDO Brescia.


Benedetto Macca

Benedetto Macca - 5° Dan

He began practicing Kendô in Brescia in 1974 under the guidance of M ° Tonoletti and the then Japanese expert of AIK M ° Koji Nakajima.
During his training he participates in numerous stages in Italy and abroad. He was one of the four members of the founding committee of the CIK and, for three mandates lasting over 10 years, a member of the Board of Directors of the same.
In 2019 he was awarded the Certificate of Merit for his contribution to the development of the CIK disciplines
He is currently supervisor of all Kendô courses at SEICHUDO Brescia.


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