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Kendô: the Way of the Sword

The Kendô was born in Brescia in 1972 thanks to the interest of the well-known Brescian master of Judo IV Dan Amedeo Chiesa and to a small group of enthusiasts including Tonoletti and Archetti who will later take over the teaching.


In those years Kendô was practiced with makeshift means due to the difficulty of obtaining the material and the group is often a guest of other Dojos, even of various other martial arts, as at that time, it was difficult to find fixed spaces in Brescia where to practise.


At the end of the Eighties the management changed and was taken over by Macca and Lancini. Since then, many of the students of the Brescia society have been regularly selected to participate in the European and world championships.

In January 1999 the Brescia Dojo officially takes the name KENDO BRESCIA SEICHUDO. This name derives from one of the deepest teachings of Kendô: SEICHUDO DOCHUSEI 靜中 動 動 中 靜 (Immobility in movement, movement in stillness ). Remain calm and apparently still (TAME ': patience and resistance) in the face of adversity.


To date, SEICHUDO is very active, often inviting Japanese and Korean masters of the highest quality, as well as athletes of the European and Asian national teams, with the aim of always providing high-grade teaching to its students and an opportunity for productive comparison with the best teachers and international competitors.

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